Readings for COGSCI 600, PHIL 479/673, Fall, 2002

Week 1, Sept. 11

Thagard, P. (forthcoming). Being interdisciplinary: Trading zones in cognitive science. In S. J. Derry & M. A. Gernsbacher (Eds.), Problems and promises of interdisciplinary collaboration: Perspectives from cognitive science. Mahway, NJ: Erlbaum. Web version available in PDF format.

Week 2, Sept. 18

Computational approaches to brain function. Nature Neuroscience supplement (excerpts). Volume 3, November 200. Pp. 1160, 1165, 1166, 1167, 1169, 1170, 1171-1176, 1184-1191, 1192-1198,1205-1211.

Week 3, Sept. 25

Sperber, D, and Wilson, D. (1996). Précis of Relevance: Communication and Cognition. In H. Geirsson and M. Losonksy (Eds.), Readings in language and mind. Cambridge, MA: Blackwell, 460-486.

Week 4, Oct. 2

Khajehpour, S., and Grierson, D. E. (forthcoming). Profitability versus safety of high-rise office buildings. Web version that shows coloured graphs better.

Week 5, Oct. 9

Tizhoosh, H.R., Haußecker, H. Fuzzy Image Processing: An Overview
In: Jähne, B., Haußecker, H., Geißler, P. (Eds.), Handbook of computer vision and applications, Academic Press, Boston, 1999, pp. 683-727,

Week 6, Oct. 16

Harris, R. A. (2002). Knowing, rhetoric, science. In Williams, J. D. (Ed.), Visions and revisions. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 163-218. [Assigned reading: pp. 163-170 and 182-199.]

Background reading not in course pack:

Honeycutt, Lee, Arisotle's Rhetoric, (Web site):

Week 7, Oct. 23

Wilson, A. E., and Ross, M. (in press). The identify function of autobiographical memory: Time is on our side. Memory.

Week 8, Oct. 30

Crystal, D. (2001). Language and the Internet. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Pp. 195-223.

Week 9, Nov. 6

Salterio, S. (1996). Decision support and information search in a complex environment: Evidence from archival data in auditing. Human Factors, 38: 495-505.

Salterio, S. (1997). Accounting consultation units: An organizational memory analysis. Contemporary Accounting Research, 14: 669-691.

Week 10, Nov. 13

Bower, G. H. an Morrow, D. G. (1990). Mental models in narrative comprehension. Science, 247: 44-48.

Zwaan, R. A. (1999). Situation models: The mental leap into imagined worlds. Current directions in psychological science, 8: 15-18.

Zwaan, R. A. (1998). Situation models in language comprehension and memory. Psychological Review, 123: 162-185.

Week 11, Nov. 20

Quartz, S. R., and Sejnowski, T. (1997). The neural basis of cognitive development: A constructivist manifesto. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 20: 537-555.

Karmiloff-Smith, A. (1998). Development itself is the key to understanding developmental disorders. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 2: 389-398.


All readings except the background reading for week 6 will be available in a coursepack.

Participants should read the articles before the relevant seminar.

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