Seminar in Cognitive Science

Fall, 2003


Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary study of mind and intelligence. This seminar will discuss controversial topics concerning the nature of human and computer intelligence. The format of the course is a weekly series of seminars by speakers from the member departments of the Cognitive Science board: Philosophy, Psychology, Computer Science, English, Systems Design Engineering.

Note: COGSCI 600 is the core course in the Graduate Certificate program in Cognitive Science. (Further details upon request.)

Course Administration

Course coordinator: Chrysanne Di Marco

 Office: DC1311

 Phone: 4443


Web page:

Time and location: Wednesday, 12:30-2:30, in DC 3313.

Readings: A course pack with readings for each week will be available for purchase from Graphics in the DC Library Copy Centre. Students should come to class prepared to discuss the reading.



Schedule of Topics

 Week  Dates  Instructor


 1  Sept. 10
 Paul Thagard, Philosophy
 What is Cognitive Science?
 2  Sept. 17  Chris Eliasmith, Philosophy  Can Computational Models Help Bridge the Gap Between Single Neurons and Psychological States?
 3 Sept. 24  Randy Harris, English  Cognitive Rhetoric
 4 Oct. 1  Chrysanne Di Marco, Computer Science  How Will 'Web Llanguage' Reshape Natural Language?
 5 Oct. 8
 Otman Basir, Systems Design Engineering
 Fusion and Integration of Multi-Sensory Information
 6  Oct. 15  TBA  
 7 Oct. 22  Amer Obeidi, Systems Design Engineering  Game Theory and Conflict Analysis Techniques: What is Missing?
 8 Oct. 29  Andrew McMurry, English  Autopoiesis and Cognition
 9  Nov. 5  Daniela O'Neill, Psychology  When Does a Mental Approach to Narrative Emerge in Children?
 10  Nov. 12  Dan Brown, Computer Science  Gene Finding: A Traditional Inference problem, with Some Genetic Twists
11  Nov. 19  Chrysanne Di Marco, Computer Science  Where Mathematics, Computer Science, Linguistics, and Biology Meet
 12  Nov. 26  Student presentations


Students and faculty are also welcome to audit the course. Students who want audit credit must complete the weekly 1-page essays.

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