COGSCI 600, Projects from Fall, 2002

Barsalou, Ed: Everyday Bias, Everyday Interfaces

Derbentsvea, Natalia: Concept Map: Elements of Cognitive Analysis

Hammouda, Khalend: Concepts, Categories, and Similarity in Web Content

Ho, Danny: Examining the Collision Safety System in Commercial Aviation: A Study of Cognition and Human Performance

Hoff, David: Incommensurability and Cognitive Science

Kroof, Fred: The Interaction of Affect and Belief

Lee, Sharon: Can Art Educate? An Examination of How the Mind Perceives Art

Lehal, Rajah: The Oral Pitch: Oral Methods for Transferring Mental Representations

McHugh-Russell, Liam: Semiotics and Cognitive Science

Obeidi, Amer: The Centrality of Emotions in Confrontations

Pawlikovski, Krystan: The Search for Context: Trying to Model a Relevance Theoretic Account of Language Understanding

Poznanski, Mike: Changes in Patterns of Reasoning in Drug Discovery: From Serendipity to Rational Drug Design

Ran, Bing: The Cognitive Linguistic Construction of Organizational Identity

Semczyszyn, Nola: Representational, Abstract, and Non-Objective Art in Human Cognition: What the Differnces and Similarities Can Tell Us about how the Brain Processes Art

Toombs, Ethan: Rediscovering Dopamine: A Case Study in Neuropharmacological Discovery and Reasoning


COGSCI 600, Projects from Fall, 2001

Bruyn, Lora: Can Remote Communication Support the Role of Emotions in Group Decision Making?

McLeod, Brendan: The Collapse Where Consciousness Comes In

Mikhael, Joseph: The Use of Child Development Studies for Evolutionary Psychology.

Nishiwaki, Takura: Cartesian or Non-Cartesian: Interpretation and Application of Cognitive Concepts for Autonomous Robots

Olejnik, Wojciech: Can Language Influence Thinking

Oliver, Jill: Linguistic Nativism and Ape Language Research: A Possible Reconciliation of the Two

Pries, Fred: How Findings from Research on Attention Can Aid in the Design of Intranet Resources for Professionals

Reynolds, Michael: Iterative Design and Ambient Sound: Two Solutions for Problems with Multiple Visual Stream Interfaces

Tien, Ian: A Discounted EID Approach Towards Novel Interactions and Textual Environments

Wagar, Brandon: Spiking Phineas Gage: Using Computational Neuroscience to Investigate the Neural Correlates of Cognitive-Affective Integration during Covert Decision Making

White, Chris: Will Intelligent Artificial Systems Possess Human-Like Emotions?


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