Week 9: Psychology

Heuristics & biases

Kahenman & Tversky

People do not live up to norms of probability theory.

Biases: availability, representativeness.

Philosophical critiques:

  1. Experiments done wrong.
  2. Wrong standards of rationality.

Evolutionary psychology

Mental modules are selected for.

Modules work well with appropriate inputs, e.g. frequencies.

Middle way?

Dual processes: slow, controlled vs. fast, automatic.

Prospects for improvement: Nisbett et al.

Discussion Questions for Week 10

  1. Are reason and rationality male-biased?
  2. What responses can be made to evidence of male bias in science and philosophy?
  3. Does rationality require not taking a perspective?
  4. When is rationality used for gender subordination?
  5. Is full reflective rationality necessary and sufficient for being a person?
  6. Need rationality be self-conscious?
  7. Could non-humans be persons?

PHIL 680

Computational Epistemology Laboratory.

Paul Thagard

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