Week 6: Emotional rationality

New lessons about giving philosophical talks?

What is rationality in mathematics?

Philosophies of mathematics: fictionalism, formalism, Platonism, constructivism, etc.

What are emotions?

Examples: basic emotions: happiness, sadness, fear, anger, disgust.

Cognitive theories: emotions as judgments.

Phenomenological theories: emotions as feelings.

Physiological theories: emotions as bodily responses.

Rationality of emotions: positions

1. Emotions are inherently irrational (Plato)

2. Emotions are inherently rational (Hume)

3. We can appraise the rationality of emotions the same way we do beliefs. Positive role of emotions: motivation.

Appraising emotions

Positive: contributions to scientific thinking.

Negative: distortion of legal reasoning.

Combined: making rational emotional decisions.

Discussion Questions for Week 7

  1. What are some rules of theoretical reason?
  2. What are some rules of practical reason?
  3. How do rules provide reasons for action?
  4. What is the revisionist view of rules?
  5. When is it rational to break rules?
  6. What is the nature of commitment to a rule?
  7. Can there be rationality without rules?

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