Phil/Psych 447

Office hours (HH368): M 1:00-2:00; F 12:30-1:30, and by appointment.

Seminar in Cognitive Science

Week 11:


  1. Unified theory of creativity and innovation
  2. Why is there something?
  3. Politics
  4. Mathematics

Discussion Questions for Week 11

  1. How plausible is Westen's theory of political inference as motivated reasoning?
  2. Is political thinking emotional? Should it be?
  3. How does Westen's theory apply to the recent American and Canadian elections?
  4. What are the appropriate goals of political practices?
  5. What kind of state best satisfies those goals?
  6. Can mathematics be naturalized?
  7. How does the brain create mathematical knowledge?
  8. Is mathematics true? Is it necessarily true?


Phil/Psych 447

Computational Epistemology Laboratory.

Paul Thagard

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