Phil/Psych 447 Phil 673

Seminar in Cognitive Science: Cognition and Social Change

Week 9: Religion


  1. Why does cognitive science need anthtropology?
  2. Does the 3-analysis capture the nature of religion?
  3. Why has Mormonism been successful, despite (or because of) its high demands?
  4. What would a value map look like for the religion you know best?
  5. How is religion both embodied and transbodied?
  6. How is religion supported by motivated and fear-driven inference?
  7. What kinds of verbal and nonverbal communication support religion?
  8. Why are rituals important to religion (and politics, sports, etc.)? Does the 3-analysis capture them?
  9. Why is religion such an important part of human culture?


Phil/Psych 447

Paul Thagard

Computational Epistemology Laboratory.

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