Phil/Psych 447 Phil 673

Seminar in Cognitive Science: Cognition and Social Change

Week 6: Prejudice


  1. How can the 3-analysis of prejudice be improved? What else does prejudice explain?
  2. Can stereotypes usefully be understood as semantic pointers?
  3. How well does de Beauvoir capture the negative stereotype of women? Does the value map help to understand it?
  4. How important are unconscious multimodal rules in prejudice?
  5. Is the Jewish stereotype as similar to the anti-women one as the value maps suggest?
  6. How do motivated and fear-driven inference support prejudicial stereotypes?
  7. How does communication of stereotypes support social spread of prejudice?
  8. Are social norms captured by rules, including multimodal ones?
  9. How can understanding of mental and social mechanisms help to overcome prejudice?
  10. Why is communication about prejudices difficult?
  11. How does overcoming prejudice require conceptual change?


Phil/Psych 447

Paul Thagard

Computational Epistemology Laboratory.

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