Phil/Psych 447 Phil 673

Seminar in Cognitive Science: Cognition and Social Change

Week 5: Romantic Relationships


  1. Do Murray and Holmes give a plausible account of romantic relationships?
  2. Does talk of cognitive and social mechanisms add anything to their account?
  3. How plausible is the suggested social cognitive-emotional workup of couples?
  4. How important are unconscious rules in relationships and do they make sense as multimodal rules based on semantic pointers?
  5. Are trust, commitment, and love really neural processes?
  6. What inferences do people in romantic couples make about each other?
  7. What are the main causes of relationship success and failure?
  8. Do relationships actually have emergent rather than aggregate properties?
  9. Does the heart want what it wants?
  10. What are the similiarities and differences between romantic relationships and others (friendships, work, nations, etc.)?


Phil/Psych 447

Paul Thagard

Computational Epistemology Laboratory.

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