Cognitive Processes of a Poker Player
The Adversarial Disposition Neural Circuit
A Model of Decision Making that Occurs When Trying to Design a New National Park
Stereotype Activation and Perceptions of Relatedness
A Cognitive Model of False Memory
The Fine Line Between Love and Hate: 1 Bit
Constructing a Cognitive Model of Memory
Adventures with Neural Networks Go
A Neural Network Model of Unsupervised Motor Skill Learning
From Snowflakes to Cognition
A Neural Network Model of Product Purchasing
Explanation and Neural Networks
Memes: Propagators of Deleterious Ideas
Natural language/predicate Calculus Translation Program
Modelling the Components of Human Emotion in Decision Making
Face Recognition Using Neural Networks
Computational Modeling of Human Visual Attention
Simulating Human Error in Memory
Neural Network Model of Speech Recognition
A Parallel Terraced Scan Model of Human Single-Player Game Playing
A Cognitive Model of the Effects of Alcohol
A Cognitive Model of Amnesia
Implicit Learning



A localist neural network of dreams
Artefact identity through experimentation
Neural network applications to simple image classification
Conceptual metaphors
Concurrent analogical problem solver
Modelling empathy in autism
Cognition in music composition
Response competition in perceptual comparison 
Learning to score in soccer
Game emulator
Natural language
Short term memory
Musical beat perception
Contextual priming
Tip of the tongue experience
Neural network vs. frame-based deduction
Mapping a physical symbol to meaning
Neurobiological model of facial representation



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