Phil/Psych 446, Cognitive Modeling: Project, 2005

Requirements for the project

1. March 3, project plan (5 marks)

2. March 31, modelling assignment 5 (9 marks)

3. March 29-31, 5-minute presentation (5)

4. April 14, report (40)

Project plan

The project is not due until the end of term, but a project plan should be handed in no later than March 3. The plan should include the following information:

1. What cognitive process do you want to model?

2. What general approach do you plan to take (e.g. rules, neural nets)?

3. What programming tool (language or simulator) do you plan to use?

Project report

This should be no longer than 20 pages, double spaced (approximately 5,000 words), not including the program explanation (assignment 5) which should be appended. It should be handed in to HH 365 (Philosophy Department office) or HH 368 (my office).

Note that it is crucial to explain how your program models the relevant psychological phenomena, and to discuss the extent to which it succeeds and falls short. Use the criteria for assessing cognitive models stated in week 4.

The report should also compare your model with computational models of cognitive processes similar to the one you are modeling. Reference should be made to relevant articles, especially ones in Polk & Seifert.

Sources of information on cognitive processes:




Penalty for late projects: 10% per week.

Phil/Psych 446

Computational Epistemology Laboratory.

Paul Thagard

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