Phil/Psych 446

Seminar in Cognitive Science

Week 8: Miscellany


Movie: Dopamine.

Is love just brain chemistry?

Reductionism. See my new article on cognitive science.

The Unconscious

How does unconscious perception change our view of consciousness?

To what extent is creativity unconciousness?

What is intuition and how seriously should we take it?


Is creative thinking largely conscious or unconscious?


Is there any good evidence for ESP?

Why do people find ESP so appealing?

How would ESP change our view of the nature of mind?


See Neuroscience for Kids on drug effects.

How do drugs affect consciousness?

How are these effects explained by dualism, functionalism, and the identity theory?

What is it like to feel stoned?

caffeine adenosine down alertness, edginess
alcohol dopamine up, GABA up relaxation, drowsiness
nicotine dopamine up, acetylcholine receptors stimulating, relaxing
cocaine dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine up euphoria
MDMA (ecstasy) dopamine up, serotonim up energy, happiness
heroin, morphine endorphin receptors euphoria
LSD serotonin hallucinations
cannabis cannabinoid receptors relaxation
ketamine NMDA antagonist dissociation
mescaline serotonin hallucinations



What do sleeping and dreaming tell us about the nature of consciousness?

More good videos on the mind:

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Computational Epistemology Laboratory.

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