Phil/Psych 446

Seminar in Cognitive Science

Week 10: Emotion

Theories of emotion

Cognitive appraisal

Somatic perception

How to unify?

What is to be explained?

Diversity of emotions

Integration of emotions with cognitions

Intensity of emotional experience

Positive/negative character of experience

Change of emotional states

EMOCON model

Cognitive appraisal as constraint satisfaction

Somatic perception

Perceptual inputs

Working memory

Animal consciousness?

Panksepp: all animals have affective consciousness.

Primary: raw sensory/perceptual feelings.

Secondary: thoughts about experience.

Tertiary: thoughts about thoughts

Does consciousness differ in male and female humans?

Brizendine (2006): The Female Brain. Differences? Note: this book is unreliable in its references to evidence.





Discussion questions

  1. Does EMOCON succeed in unifying cognitive and somatic approaches to emotion?
  2. What is missing from brain-based explanations of emotions such as love?
  3. How does human emotional consciousness differ from that of animals?
  4. Is there a difference between the emotional consciousness of men and women?
  5. How do theories of embodiment change thinking about emotion?

Phil/Psych 446

Computational Epistemology Laboratory.

Paul Thagard

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