Phil 145, Week 8

Extraordinary beliefs

Challenging dubious beliefs (Gilovich)

How to respond?

Need better science education, including social science.

Schick's SEARCH formula:

1. State the claim.

2. Examine the Evidence for the claim.

3. Consider Alternative hypotheses.

4. Rate, according to the Criteria of adequacy, each Hypothesis.

E.g. the Easter bunny exists.




Abductions by alien UFOs


Near-death experiences

Assessing information on the World Wide Web

1. Are you getting information from sites produced by legitimate authorities such as scientific and educational organizations?

2. Is your information based on scientific evidence?

3. Are you avoiding being distracted by sites irrelevant to your educational goals?

4. Are there other more traditional sources of information (e.g. printed ones) that would provide the desired information more directly?


Updated March 3, 2003

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